Barkat Ali
Barkat Ali Saree Walay and Javed Barkat

The name Barkat Ali is synonymous with intricately crafted bridal dresses and faulous saris in the city of Lahore. He founded Barkat Ali Saree House, the Mall, Lahore and since then this house of taste and elegance has served generations.

It's a story of success spread over half a century. Naturally, it is never easy living up to expectations and keeping in pace with changing fashion trends to meet the demands and soles of the time. The clientele Barkat Ali has served from generation to generation, includes some big names in politics, royalty, sports and showbiz. From the times of Begum Liaquat Ali Khan to Benazir's to Nassau Sharif's family; he's done them all. He proudly claims that for some people the taste for his work runs in their blood. And when we ask him to name a few special customers he simply says: "Even a common man is special, I treat every customer of mine as a dignitary." This is the eloquent and dignified stunner that personifies the man.

He claims to use only the best material from the best vendors. This is why his customers are always satisfied with the quality of material used. When asked what makes a perfect bridal dress he says: “It is the way the motifs like salma, dabka, zari, naqshi and sitara etc., are embedded onto the fabric. Their setting is essential but most important of all the color scheme and material of the fabric blended together should complement each other to make a beautiful dress".
He goes on to tell us that the fabric used these days are kamkhwab, organza, pure silk and jama var. -What is important is the way the fabric is cut, sewn and embossed with these motifs-. So how do we get the perfect dress made without going overboard on the expenses? This is our main question to this master craftsman and he advises that girls these days should go for dresses that have a flashy effect.

He advices: Durability is not required so why buy an expensive dress. "They should not go for expensive and heavily done dresses with motifs because at the pace that fashions are changing the dresses become useless in no time." For those looking for the perfect designs he says: “lf the customer is looking for a design she should look for color combinations in magazines, videos and the more she works on it, the better the outcome will be".

There was a time when Sacha Kaam was passed on front generation to generation, but now things are different and he laments over the trends of today!

It seems that Mr. Barkat Ali has worked with so many government dignitaries and the elite of Pakistan that be in one way or the other comments on the political situation. His two sons Javed and Nadeem have also worked with him for as long as 25 years. Barkat' Ali bas another outlet in Liberty, which his son Nadeem operates. It's a legacy being passed on. Haute couture may have an entire new meaning but the truth is that the name Barkat Ali has the footing that no one else enjoys. It’s been generations of hard work and quality service from a true craftsman!

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